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Fergus Falls Tae Kwon Do

15076 Dalton Rd.
Dalton, MN 56324



Masters, Instructors and Students:


It is my pleasure to personally invite you to our 8th Annual Fergus Falls TKD Open to be held on Saturday, December 9rd at Hillcrest Academy in Fergus Falls, MN. All black belts will be asked to help with refereeing and judging. This will allow us to move through the day quickly. Early registration cost is $65. This allows competitors to compete in all areas. At the door registration will be $85. All world class Black Belts that want to compete in Daedo sparring will not be allowed to register at the door. Spectators will be $5 for adults and $3 for children (6 & up).


As in years past this tournament will aid in our ability to help out some family’s in the community during the Christmas season. Thank you in advanced for your part in this cause.


The events will be as follows:


We will be following modified USA Taekwondo rules.

  • Adults will be 2, 2 minute rounds, no stop.

  • Junior sparring, 11 years and younger will have light head contact, 2, 1 ½ minute rounds.2 points for kicking to the head, 1 point for a punch or kick to the body, and 1 technical point will be awarded for a turning kick to the body.

  • Head gear, chest protection, gloves or forearm pads, shin and instep pads, and a mouth guard are required to compete.Male competitors must wear a groin protector.

  • To ensure a friendly tournament, all divisions will be subject to malicious contact rules. We want solid contact but not technique that is out of control and purposely dangerous.

  • Sparring competitors must compete in the division coinciding with their biological sex.

  • Coaches will be restricted to interaction ONLY with their competitor. Any disparaging remarks aimed at the referee, judges other competitors etc. will result in their expulsion or a penalty against their competitor at our discretion.

  • Points will not be awarded if the competitor falls after delivering the strike.

  • Striking to the face is not allowed, judges/referees will decide if any strike to the face is intentional.

  • Daedo for Black Belt divisions.



All patterns will be judged using a point system. (whole number with decimals)



There will be a weapons division for junior and adults.



Breaking rules are laid out in the packet under each age/rank group.


If you have any questions please call 218-731-3734 or email  Online registration will be available soon.


Please be sure to show up at least ½ hour before your division starts.

If needed we may combine divisions and ranks.


8:00am – 9:00am: Late registration

9:15am – Black Belt Meeting

9:30am – Competition begins:







Boys & Girls ages 4-8 years old all ranks

(light head contact)

Breaking: run jump side kick


Boys & Girls ages 9-11 years old all ranks

(light head contact)

Breaking: run jump side kick/turning side kick for advanced belts


Boys & Girls ages 12-14 years old all ranks

(light head contact)

Breaking: turning side kick/3 board station for advanced belts


Boys & Girls ages 15 & up all ranks

(light to moderate head contact)

Breaking: Up to 5 board station



Students will be responsible for their own equipment. We will have some stuff to purchase if needed.

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