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Speed and Agility
Fitness Class

This fitness class is designed for those that are wanting to get off the couch and get moving and for those that are looking for more direction in their fitness journey.


Inner School Tournament

Our Inner School tournament is an opportunity for students to participate in a tournament that is for all students and all ranks. This tournament and awards day is a day that students are recognized for their accomplishments they have made throughout the year. It is also a time that we are able to recognize our incredible Black Belts.

This tournament is made possible through the community and the donations that students get while sharing with local businesses what taekwondo is all about.

Competition Team

Along with traditional taekwondo classes we also have a competition team. The team trains and competes the sport side of taekwondo. This is for the student that not only enjoys the traditional side but is wanting to explore the sport side as well. The competition team is coached by Master Amanda Wach, a level 1 coach with experience coaching nationally and internationally.

Any student that is wanting to compete must train in traditional classes as well.

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