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Tuition Options


Fergus Falls Tae Kwon Do offers several payment options for new and existing students. These options are designed to save students money and encourage commitment to training in the art of Tae Kwon Do. We also have grants available for those that qualify.


Single Student Options:


Monthly                    $40.00

Quarterly                   $108.00

Semi-Annually           $225.00

Annually                    $400.00


Family Options:

Second Family Member                   $35.00

Additional Family Member               $25.00

Beginner’s Package


A beginners package is available only to new students within their first month of training. The package consists of a uniform (dobok), shin/instep pads, and three months of training.

Cost $180.00

Testing Cost:

We test students quarterly, February, May, August, and November.


Cost for testing is as follows:

White Belt - Purple Belt :  $40

Purple Trim:  $50

Brown Belt:  $60

Red Belt:  $70


We have two tournaments each year, one in December and one in April/May. These tournament are ones that students are encouraged to participate in. The cost for these tournaments is $35.

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